We can offer the following types of interpreting services according to your needs:

  1. Simultaneous interpreting: The interpretation is rendered almost immediately. The interpreter sits in a booth. He/she works with headphones and a microphone, to interpret the source language speech into the target language;
  2. Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter listens to a section of the speech delivered in source language. The speaker then pauses to allow the interpreter to render what has been said into target language (which means that a 2-minute speech needs approximately another two minutes for interpretation). This type of translation is most frequently used at conferences.
  3. Consecutive liaison interpreting: This type of interpreting is often called “sentence-by-sentence” interpreting. Usually the interpreter is sitting next to the client(s). Liaison interpreting is most commonly provided to a single person or a small group of people.
  4. Escort interpreting: This is not a thematically pre-defined interpreting, but rather assisting clients during their travel, shopping tours, meetings, accommodation, etc. It requires good orientation in the situation and excellent knowledge of source and target languages.

* If an interpreter is hired for an event, the client will be charged for the gross period of the event, regardless of whether the interpreter has rendered his/her services all the time or not.