Jarava BG Translation Agency offers certified and legalized translation from/to German

Писмени и устни преводи на немски език The German translations we offer are subdivided into four different types to meet your needs and requirements:

  • Certified German translation: includes translation by a certified (sworn) translator, plus check for contextual errors;
  • German translation and proofreading: includes official translation plus proofreading (check for grammatical, spelling and syntax mistakes);
  • Specialized German translation: includes official translation plus proofreading and phrasing/terminology check by an external expert in the respective field.
  • German translation and editing: a translation edited by a German native-speaking editor.

We offer translations from/to German of:

  • Specialized texts of various type: legal, financial, technical, medical, etc.;
  • Fiction and scientific texts: scripts, research papers, analyses, books, articles, etc.;
  • Technical documentation: specifications, data sheets, operation manuals, etc.;
  • Commercial documentation: fax messages, declarations, powers of attorney, certificates, public and banking documents;
  • Advertising materials: booklets, brochures, advertising texts, etc.;
  • Educational documentation: diplomas, certificates, transcripts, etc.;
  • Business and/or personal correspondence of any kind with guaranteed confidentiality

We offer the following German interpretation services:

  • Interpretation and escorting of private/official groups/persons during their trips in German-speaking countries.
  • Interpretation at conferences, seminars and other events;
  • Interpretation during phone or video calls/negotiations/conferences, etc.;
  • Interpretation during court hearings.